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Pet policy


A lodging fee per pet will be charged at check-in, in the amount of R$ 80.00.

It is expressly forbidden for the pet to remain in the breakfast area during the time it is served.

You can request a table outside, except on a rainy day.

The pet must remain with the owner throughout the stay.

Only while having breakfast, the pet can be alone in the suite, under the responsibility of the guest.

At the time of the maid service, the pet must be removed from the room, otherwise, the service will not be performed.

The cleaning of solid and liquid residues is the sole responsibility of the guests.

Guests must bring all the necessary utensils for the pet's stay (water and food containers, guide, food and hygiene material).

If there is any damage to the apartment (mattress, pillow or any other item that is part of the furniture and layette) the guest will be notified and the amount of the resulting expenses will be debited from their account.

The pet will not be able to make noise that disturbs other guests.

If the pet is agitated, aggressive or unable to remain silent, we will have the right to request its departure.

Failure to comply with these rules will be charged a fine of at least one minimum wage.

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