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General information



Fone/WhatsApp: (012) 99771-4224

  • RATES, Information and Available Bed Configurations for Double, Triple and Quadruple Apartments must be confirmed at the time of booking and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

SERVICE: ACCOMMODATION DAILY including overnight stay + Breakfast (served in the Coffee Room), Private parking (not covered) for conventional car (free) with 01 (one) space per Apartment and Wireless Internet Signal (free) upon supply of a key network (password).


  • Free distribution of informative material about Campos do Jordão: Tours, Gastronomy, Shopping, etc.;

  • We do not provide laundry services, transfers or luggage storage.

DAILY: The Lodging Period starts at 14:00 (fourteen) hours of the day scheduled for entry and ends at 12:00 (twelve) hours of the day scheduled for departure, regardless of the time of arrival of the guests.

  • The Occupancy of Apartments after the time established for departure at 12:00 pm (upon consultation of availability at the time of booking request), will result in additions to the contracted daily rate, as follows:​

    • Departure after 12:00h: Charge of a new daily rate.

BREAKFAST: Enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared with care, whose service starts at 08:30h and ends at 10:30h, releasing the Pousada from this service after the established time.


  • We do not offer meals.

CLEANING AND STORAGE OF APARTMENTS: The service is carried out until 14:00h (beginning of the check-in time). This service will only be performed after departure (checkout).

  • A HYGIENIZATION FEE will be charged when the use of cigarettes, cigars, incense or similar items in the apartments is verified. The value, never less than R$ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais) and subject to an increase, will be calculated by evaluating the damage and/or damage caused to the decorative coating of walls, layettes and equipment. The value for cleaning or replacing materials, to be carried out by a Specialized Company, will take into account the number of days estimated for interdiction of the affected apartment (loss of profits).

  • A Hygienization Fee will also be applied, never less than R$100.00 (one hundred reais) and subject to an increase, when the use of mini-refrigerators ("fridges") is verified, to store products that may impregnate odors, such as fish .

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